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Guided 3D point cloud filtering

Paper(3000 words,Multimedia Tools and Applications 2017)

Extracting feature lines from point clouds based on smooth shrink and iterative thinning

Paper(8500 words,Graphical Models 2016)

Noise2Noise: Learning Image Restoration without Clean Data

Paper(6000 words,ICML 2018) Video

Removing outliers using a RadiusOutlier removal

Documentation Documentation - Point Cloud Library (PCL)

Removing outliers using a StatisticalOutlierRemoval filter

Documentation Documentation - Point Cloud Library (PCL)

Edge Detection and Feature Line Tracing in 3D-Point Clouds by Analyzing Geometric Properties of Neighborhoods

Paper(13000 words,Remote Sens. 2016)

Curl noise for particles

Article curl noise for particles | syphobia :: the procedural way