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A “Presentations and Posters” Checklist for Computer Science


Writing for Computer Science

Writing for Computer Science




A “Presentations and Posters” Checklist

Regarding the content of your talk or poster,

  1. What is the key thing the audience should remember?
  2. Is there enough background material for the intended audience?
  3. Is any material unnecessary?
    Could some of the material be left for people to read about later?
  4. Is the talk self-contained? Is it appropriate for an audience of mixed background?
  5. Is the length appropriate? Is the structure right for the length?
  6. Does the talk have a motivating preamble?
  7. Is the talk balanced, without too much time given to any one element?
  8. Are complex issues explained in gentle stages?
  9. Are the results explained? Is the impact of the results made clear?
  10. What were the limitations of the research? Where are they discussed?


Regarding your slides,

  1. Are figures uncluttered, with legible, horizontal text?
  2. Is there any unnecessary animation? Is the style appropriate, or flashy?
  3. Are the font sizes reasonable?
  4. Are the numbers necessary? Are more diagrams needed?
  5. Are the slides simple?
    Do they have unnecessary ornamentation or distracting use of color
  6. Does each figure illustrate a major point?
    Does it illustrate the point unambiguously?
  7. Are there enough examples?
  8. Do you have the right to use the figures and illustrations?


Regarding the presentation of your talk,

  1. Have you prepared something to say about each slide?
  2. Do you explain why the research is interesting or important?
  3. Is there a clear conclusion?
  4. Have you rehearsed the talk?
    What mechanisms are you using to keep yourself to time?
  5. Have you memorized the talk?
  6. If you are asked a question you can’t answer, how will you respond?
  7. Have you rehearsed your manner? Will your enthusiasm show?
  8. Do you know how to use the equipment?


Regarding your poster,

  1. Do you know how large it can be, and in what orientation?
  2. Does it have figures and summaries that support a brief explanation?
    Are the key messages conspicuous?
  3. Have you prepared a brief explanation of the work?
    Does it include the why of the research, as well as the what?
  4. Is there a detail that supports a detailed discussion?
  5. Is it arranged in an accessible, sensible way?
  6. Is it vivid and attractive?
  7. Does the form overwhelm the content?



  • self-contained 必要物が全て揃った
  • legible 読みやすい
  • ornamentation 装飾
  • conspicuous 目立つ,はっきり見える
  • accessible 理解しやすい
  • sensible 思慮のある,道理にかなった